Lindsay Lohan Fired: Malin Akerman Plays Linda Lovelace in Inferno

Director Matthew Wilder has said that Lindsay Lohan is fired and he’s replacing her with Malin Akerman who will play Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic ‘Inferno’.

Malin Akerman

Lindsay Lohan is out and Malin Akerman is in for the Linda Lovelace biopic ‘Inferno’. Director Matthew Wilder said he didn’t want to have to fire Lohan and held out as long as he could. But with Lindsay in rehab and her history of problems, they just had a terrible time trying to find someone who would insure her. He said it just wasn’t doable.

So that’s a bad thing for Lindsay but a break for Malin Akerman. The ‘Couples Retreat’ star Akerman, 32, was brought in with ‘lightening speed’ by the casting director and landed the part. Wilder says she’s an ‘amazing heroine’ in this situation. Her role as the p0rn star is a complete turn-around from other roles she has played.

Lindsay Lohan is in rehab at the Betty Ford Center.

Enjoy some random Malin Akerman photos below. Here‘s some pictures of Lindsay Lohan doing a photo shoot as Linda Lovelace.

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