Wesley Snipes Sent To A Federal Prison

Actor Wesley Snipes was taken into custody and sent to a federal prison, after he was ordered to surrender to federal authorities following a 2008 conviction on multiple tax evasion charges. He will serve a three year prison sentence. However, in the actors defense, his former financial adviser, Kenneth Starr(no relation to the Clinton-era witch-hunter) has been convicted of multiple crimes for defrauding a number of Hollywood celebrities and causing them serious financial damage. Starr is facing a 45 year sentence for his own crimes.

Both Wesley Snipes and his lawyer were outraged at the testimony of Starr, who turned the jury against the actor and led to his 2008 conviction, which he had been attempting to appeal ever since. Very likely, the actor was an innocent victim of the crooked financial adviser who created serious financial problems for him, however he had run out of appeals for the time being. Now, his lawyers need to work on some appeal to release him from prison early.

Snipes and his lawyer are outraged that prosecutors were allowed to use Starr as a witness to convict the actor although Starr was under investigation for fraud at the crime. Unfortunately, it is way too common for crooks to follow after actors and claim to guide their financial investments, but instead take their money and sometimes lead them into very serious legal problems. Based on these facts, Wesley Snipes looks like something of a victim here and deserves the opportunity to at least appeal his convictions.

Wesley Snipes has escaped serious situations before. His NYC apartment was destroyed in the aftermath of the September 2011 attack on the World Trade Center twin towers. He was on the West Coast at the time, escaping death.

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  • Davehersfeld

    Paul, He made $38 million and didn’t file any tax returns. He’s where he belongs.
    He was good in major league.