Look For Steven Spielberg’s ROBOPOCALYPSE

Steven Spielberg has a few really good projects that in the works. Look for WAR HORSE, a drama about WWI to debut in theaters in a few months. However, 2013 should bring a really big film with ROBOPOCALYPSE, although the film’s plot sounds a little bit like the premise of THE TERMINATOR series, with humans struggling against a robot controlled world. But, knowing Steven Spielberg, the result should be pretty darn good as usual.

The book, which was written by Daniel H. Wilson hasn’t hit the stores yet, so it’s difficult to judge how good of a story it is. But, likely Spielberg was very impressed to commit many millions of dollars to the project which should take months of model and set building and filming to produce. There are other reports that Dreamworks is fast tracking this film project, so don’t be surprised if it somehow beats the book to the marketplace.

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  • Anon Ymus

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    while themselves actively, relentlessly programming EUGENICS
    into their franchise slum.

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