Kinks Of The Stars: The SAVED BY THE BELL Kids

The original SAVED BY THE BELL ran from 1989-93, however it seems to live forever in reruns as one of the most popular TV shows of all time. While some of the cast members such as Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen went to entirely respectable careers in TV after this show ended, two cast members, Dustin Diamond and Elizabeth Berkley went on to outrageous careers with only varied degrees of success.

Almost right after leaving SAVED BY THE BELL, Elizabeth Berkley starred in the very controversial film, SHOWGIRLS, which featured lengthy scenes of nudity. Berkley proved two things, that one, she could dance, and two, she could do one heck of a lap dance as well. While the movie itself was mostly downright awful, the one scene of Berkley doing a wild nude grinding lap dance on the lap of Kyle MacLachlan is one of the best mainstream movie sex scenes ever. It’s big-time hot!

If anything, SHOWGIRLS did prove that the cast members were a little wilder than their G-rated characters on SAVED BY THE BELL might suggest. Dustin Diamond claims that there was a lot of pot use and some “hooking up” on the set between cast members in a book he wrote. However, Mark-Paul Gosselaar denies the claims of Dustin Diamond.

Dustin Diamond has had a strange and weird career since SAVED BY THE BELL. He was the youngest cast member, joining the show at just the age of 11. He was also invited back to star in the short-lived revival of the show, SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS which ran for a few seasons playing the assistant principal. Diamond also had a stand-up comedy act as well, known mostly for it’s down and dirty “blue” humor.

But, Dustin Diamond really proved himself to be the really kinky cast member of the former SAVED BY THE BELL cast kids when just about four years ago today an outrageous sex tape of him and two girls leaked on to the market. Evidence suggests that Diamond himself was behind the release of the tape as a form of publicity ploy. Previously, his wife and him were involved in a big publicity stunt effort claiming that their house was going to be foreclosed, although there is some evidence of Diamond not paying some bills he owed due to low financial assets.

The sex tape that Diamond starred in was simply outrageous, with Diamond and a bride-to-be and her bridesmaid involved in all sorts of sex activity. However, the particularly filthy ending became something of legend among sex tapes. After performing anal sex on one of the girls, Diamond gave the girl a “Dirty Sanchez” on her upper lip. But, what can you expect from this weird star? Diamond’s shtick on SAVED BY THE BELL was playing the weird kid. In real life, he doesn’t seem all that much different.

Dustin Diamond certainly wasn’t born with the good looks of the other SAVED BY THE BELL cast members. Mario Lopez has been known as a legendary ladies man by comparison. So Diamond makes up for this shortcoming by being the most weird and kinky cast member.

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  • Fran

    “two cast members, Dustin Diamond and Elizabeth Berkley went on to outrageous careers with only varied degrees of success.”

    Yeah, working in movies with Woody Allen, Al Pacino and in a highly acclaimed Broadway show (HurlyBurly) gives you only a varied degree of success… Com’on, guys, Elizabeth Berkley is NOT only “Showgirls”.