Jason Manford Twitter Sex Scandal

English comedian, actor and former co-host of BBC One evening magazine program The One Show Jason Manford Twitter sex scandal has resulted in him quitting his job at BBC after because caught by ‘seven million people’.

Jason Manford

Jason Manford, 29, says he behaved badly. Well, that might be a bit of an understatement. He admits to filling lonely nights while on the road with Twitter and Skype sex chats with as many as 12 girls. He says two of those on-line relationships ‘went over the line’. Whatever that means and what does that mean he was not saying or doing with the other 10 girls?

The problem is that Manford is married and his wife, Catherine, is pregnant with their third child while he’s off diddle-dallying with pretty much whoever he wants to while working his comedy gig on the road. She due to deliver the baby next month.

During a recent stand-up routine he asked the Newcastle upon Tyne audience if they’d had a good day the quipped, ‘I’m glad someone has.’ He added, ‘Nothing is going to embarrass me now. Basically, seven million people caught me w*******. It’s bad enough when your mother catches you.’

He went on to say his grandmother had called him crying over the situation. ‘Heartbreaking that’.

He says that Catherine called him a ‘dick’, but went on to say they were alright. Again, whatever that means.

He had been caught in a Twitter sex scandal last month with 22-year-old Debra McNamee and been warned by BBC to behave himself. He didn’t. So when he was caught this time with 12 girls online, he quit his job co-hosting ‘The One Show’ with Alex Jones.

Strickly Come Dancing star Matt Baker is said to be replacing him.

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