Kate Middleton Wedding Dress: Designed by Phillipa Lepley or Bruce Oldfield?

Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally gotten engaged, we can turn our attention to more important things, like who will design the royal wedding gown! British designers Phillipa Lepley and Bruce Oldfield are said to be at the top of the list of probable fashion designers to be tapped to design the Kate Middleton wedding dress.

Kate Middleton and Prince William of England

British fashion designers Phillipa Lepley and Bruce Oldfield are being discussed as the top choices to design Kate Middleton’s wedding gown for her marriage to Prince William next year. Lepley is the odds-on favorite. Lepley’s signature style is simple elegance. Based on the Fulham Road in London, Lipley’s designs are said to be for ‘very posh English girls’. That’s another reason Lepley’s seems like the logical choice, since Kate is the poshest English girl of them all.

Bruce Oldfield was one of Princess Diana’s favorite designers. I expect that Kate will want her own designer for the royal wedding dress. There will be plenty constant comparisons between Kate and Diana and as Prince William said in their post engagement interview, Kate will make her own mark on the Royal family.

Phillipa Lepley, 41, set up her first bridal shop in Chelsea in 1990. On-line wagers are currently 3-1 that she will be chosen to make the dress.

William and Kate Engagement Announcement

Kate Middleton in a Bikini

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  • Phillipa Lepley is the famous and fabulous British Wedding designer who is the probable designer to make Kate Middleton’s wedding dress gown, Is that true? What other celebrity and socialites are among her clients? What is her experience in bridal fashion? Where can you find her designs? Who really is Phillipa Lepley? Personal life? Follow us to the fabulous life of this fantastic Bridal designer and check out the photos, video and make your suggestions for Kate’s wedding dress as she marries Prince William.