Angelina Jolie Casts Brad Pitt In Movie

Angelina Jolie has cast Brad Pitt in her directorial debut movie that has yet to be named. He’ll have a brief role as an extra in the film.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Casts Brad Pitt in Movie

Brad Pitt has been hanging around in Bosnia and Hungary photographing his partner Angelina Jolie while she’s been directing a film there about the Bosnian Civil War. Its a love story about a Serbian soldier falling in love with a Bosnian Muslim woman.

She is currently shooting the movie in Hungary because her permit to film in Bosnia has been revoked, given back and then revoked again because of protest from the Association of Women Victims of War who say that Jolie has been insensitive to the women who were victims of rape during the Bosnia Civil War.

Apparently, Brad Pitt lined up with other extras for an early morning shoot in Hungary on November 14th and Jolie hired him. There’s no word on what his role will be except that its a small role as an extra.

Good thing she found something for him to do. Poor guy needed a break in the movie business.

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