Amber Portwood Drunk Video? Teen Mom Star Has More Trouble (Video)

MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood may have more trouble than the felony charges that have been brought against her for attacking her baby-daddy Gary Shirley on-air and losing custody of her baby Leah. She was charged for domestic violence for that. Now there are pictures of her drinking from a vodka bottle and an alleged Amber Portwood drunk video on the internet.

Amber Portwood

What a hot mess this girl is! Amber Portwood, the under-age ‘star’ of the hit MTV show ‘Teen Mom’ attacked her ex-fiance/baby-daddy Gary on television and got slapped with domestic violence charges. She lost custody of her baby girl, Leah. Now TMZ has a video in which she appears to be drunk and Life & Style has photos of her that show her drinking vodka from the bottle while she’s partying in Anderson, Indiana.

She’s also rumored to be dating a series of guys (now that she’s lost something like 65 pounds), one of which is rumored to be a registered sex offender.

It doesn’t look like she’s making any progress in getting her life together so she can get her little baby girl back. The way things are that might be best for Leah.

The video below is of her assault on Gary Shirley. The Amber Portwood drunk video is at the TMZ link.

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