FDA Jumps Aboard Hysteria Train To Ban Four Loco Beers

All aboard. The big time sissyass train is now leaving the station. The FDA now becomes the latest player to claim that strong beer and caffeine drinks like Four Loco should be banned, and apparently are giving the companies just 15 days to substantially weaken their drinks. Maybe those shirt and tie types at the FDA better stick to mama’s milk instead.

You’d think that mixing caffeine and strong drink is something new according to the latest FDA hysteria nonsense and some other totally whacked nannystaters. However, drinks like Irish coffee and Rum and Coke are nearly as old as Fred Flintstone himself. But, this sure didn’t stop the do-gooders in government to create some crackpot new hysteria after some young underage kids were drinking at a Washington state college and some small 18 year old 90lb. Freshman girls got too drunk and just couldn’t handle the Four Loco drinks. Hey kids, Four Loco is a real he-man drink, and not intended for children unable to handle it. And it’s supposed to be illegal for children to drink, BTW.

Normally, government should have a role when it comes to banning defective baby cribs that kill infants because they are dangerous and broken. But, the FDA just went way to far to pressure a legal business that makes a legal product intended solely for legal adult use to weaken it because it’s too strong for underage users who illegally use the product. Four Loco was never intended or marketed for children. Kids had no business using or abusing it. They themselves broke the law. But, now the manufacturer of Four Loco is wrongly being held responsible for the little lawbreaking tykes. There’s just no justice.

Four Loco intends to withdraw the existing product from the market and issue the new weakened product without caffeine in the next few days. But, it’s a huge financial loss to the company. You have to figure that some enterprising entrepreneurs found some new tack in business and created a new market to exploit. But, some folks are afraid of something new and different. And now the FDA seems to be driving the engine of that big time sissyass train. Choo choo!

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  • Kevin

    Not to mention the loss of sales for hundreds of thousands of business that carry the product. How much do you want to be that people will buy something like a Four Loco and dump a 5 Hour Energy in it?

  • Johnb123aza

    Big brother knows whats best,so let them do their job banning everything and you just go to work,shut up,obey the laws and pay taxes.

  • high on life

    survival of the fittest. let’s continue to let big companies come up with deadly cocktails and advertise to our teenagers… mom and dad, how ’bout leaving some xantax in the bathroom cabinet so i don’t have to waste my money buying weed anymore either, or maybe some oxies for your pain so i can snort them… WAY cheaper than coke. let these idiots od, and the parents who can’t deal with reality realize they’re the examples. we need to slim down the population anyway, too many ignorant people procreating more retards on my tax dollars nowadays.

  • Klipsee

    The movie ” Idiocracy ” is looking more and more likely every day. I aggree with -High on life- Thin The Herd !! But Deadly cocktails, come on, teach freekin’ responsibility again !! 5th Everclear, frozen fruit punch cocentrate, a few red bulls, Floor a room, Hell have ’em pitch in and make money.
    Too many people live with that self entitlment and pointing fingers attitude.
    Take Responsibility for your own actions. By the way has anyone heard of the ” Golden Rule ” lately