Kelly Osbourne Shape Magazine Cover and More (Photos)

Ozzy Osbourne’s little girl has gotten fit. Kelly Osbourne shows off her 112 pound figure in the latest edition of Shape and talks about her body image and how she lost 50 pounds. See the photo and a video of the photo shoot below. We also threw in some Kelly Osbourne up-skirt photos under the fold just because.

Kelly Osbourne

Who ever thought people would be interested in seeing up-skirt photos of Kelly Osbourne? I don’t mean to be a mean girl, but really, that’s not what people generally think of with Ozzy and Sharon’s spawn. I have to give Kelly Osbourne credit. She has worked hard and dropped about 50 pounds, gotten fit and looks great.

But if she’s not going to wear underwear, or is wearing see-through panties, then she really shouldn’t get in or out of her car with her legs up in the air. That’s all I’m saying. Unless, of course, she’s really wanting everybody to see that hot new body she’s showing off.

Check out the Kelly Osbourne up-skirt photos by clicking the link or going to Egotastic. They are NSFW so you have to click the link below to see them.

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