Jasmine Waltz: Sex With David Arquette Was ‘Quick and Painless’

Jasmine Waltz says sex with David Arquette was ‘quick and painless’. Oh man. No wonder he cried after having sex with her.

Jasmine Waltz and David Arquette

Naturally David Arquette’s mistress, Jasmine Waltz is giving interviews and showing off her what have to be enhanced breasts, taking full advantage of her 15-minutes in the spotlight. She gave an interview to Life & Style in which she described sex with David Arquette as being ‘quick and painless’ and that he cried and talked to her about his unraveling marriage with Courteney Cox.

Here’s a statement from Life & Style.

Jasmine Waltz, waitress and model, first met David on Sept. 30th when he and a group of friends showed up at Premiere nightclub, where Jasmine was working. Within 20 minutes of meeting her, David revealed that he and wife Courteney Cox had separated. “I was surprised to hear that,” Jasmine tells Life & Style. “But his friends all seemed to know about it.” However, she says David seemed agitated and depressed about the split. “He was beaten down. He mentioned that he hadn’t slept with anyone since separating from Courteney.”

Just two nights later, David went back to the nightclub and after her shift ended, he took her to a house party. They both got very drunk, Jasmine says, and left the party around 2:30 a.m. Talking and strolling, they ended up at a Hollywood home – David told Jasmine it was the house he and his siblings had grown up in. Once they were alone, David was intent on having sex.

“It wasn’t bad sex,” she tells Life & Style, “but it wasn’t emotional. It was quick and painless. Nothing exciting.” She continues, “When we were done, he just looked at me and said, ‘This is the first time I’ve felt like a man in a very long time.'” Jasmine says it wasn’t just a one-time thing, she and David had sex again.

But she was adamant about making sure he was telling the truth about the split before sleeping with him. David assured her he was single and opened up to her about what had caused the split. “I definitely got the impression that Courteney had made the decision to separate,” Jasmine recalls. “David did not seem like the one in control of the situation. Not at all.”

Its enough to almost make you feel sorry for Arquette except for you have to ask the simple question, ‘What did you expect?’ Just ask anyone else that ever had extra-martial relations with random women.

Here‘s some photos and a video of Jasmine Waltz doing some nude bondage scenes.

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