Rarities Of The Doors That You May Never See

Fans of The Doors might be surprised to know about a number of rarities that exist on some bootleg albums that may never surface on legitimate factory releases by the band. Elektra Records probably decided not to release a number of rare Doors recordings for a number of reasons, including lyric content or the fact that some songs were just a rough concept piece. One version of the concept song, “Rock Is Dead” appeared on a Doors box set before as a rarity, however at least two more versions of the song exist and have seen the light of day on bootlegs before including a 24 minute version that samples a few blues classic pieces.

While “Build Me A Woman” has existed both on ABSOLUTELY LIVE and on one of the Bright Midnight release albums before, there is a very rare studio version of the song that Elektra probably didn’t want to go with because of some outrageous explicit lyrics by Morrison.

The Doors also had a few rare studio tracks such as their own version of the instrumental “Pipeline”, as well as songs such as “Queen Of The Magazines”, “Love Me Tender”, “Mystery Train” and more that have rare studio versions available.

Time will only tell whether many of these songs will ever see a legitimate release or whether they will remain as very difficult to find rarities on some obscure bootleg. And you have to wonder if Elektra Records isn’t sitting on even more rare recordings that haven’t yet seen the light of day. Fans of The Doors would love to see everything available eventually released. But, later this month a live album from a 1970 Vancouver show will be released. Previously, parts of this show have found their way onto various bootlegs.

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