Jessica Alba Nude?

Actress Jessica Alba is in the news after the mysterious release of some nude pregnancy photos.  The photos look like they were taken with an iPhone and perhaps shared via SMS.  No one knows where the pictures came from, but they’re out in the wild now.  For the slueth’s among you, we’ve included two old Alba pictures that show her wearing the hat and necklace seen in the nude photos.

The pictures are not safe for work (NSFW) so they are hidden from view initially.  To see them you need to click the link below.

[+ show me the good stuff!]
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  • Paul Hooson

    Jessica Alba is famous for not doing nudity, so it was a big surprise to see a fleeting moment of her undressed in MACHETE. Lindsay Lohan also does a little nudity in that film as well. That film is a great take on the old Grindhouse genre of exploitation films.

    • @Paul, its really not unusual to see Lindsay Lohan nude though is it?

  • Steve Crickmore

    Like a lot of us, she must be getting old, if she looks better with her clothes on. Paul, any chance or resurrecting Blue?