Tom Brady wants another baby from wife Gisele Bundchen (photos)

tom brady hot

It is rumored that  New England Patriots super hot quarterback Tom Brady wants his equally as hot supermodel wife Gisele Budchen to have another baby as soon as possible. The couple have a son Benjamin Rein Brady born last December, and he has another son Jack, with Bridget Moynahan.

Tom has also been gossiped about lately because of his hair in which he is said that  his wife is in charge.

Gisele apparently finds motherhood “wonderful”.  Justin Beiber -esque haircuts aside,  who wouldn’t want to have Tom Brady’s baby. I ask you?

tom brady gisele bunchen cute couple

tom brady gisele bunchen smooch

tom brady gisele bunchen

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  • Yesmaam7

    He has a tattoo of Peewee herman????

  • QFChang

    Yesmaam7, god no. They just took one of the first pics they could find in a Google images search, which is a photoshopped version of one of his Stetson ads.