Jay Leno’s Awesome Rossi Sixty Six

Jay Leno owns a white Rossi Sixty Six identical to this model. Produced by the Rossi Motor Company, the custom $130,000 versions of a modern Corvette lift more than a few styling cues from the original Corvette Stringray series of 1963-67, including that brand new split window design that made the series an instant styling sensation when first introduced.

Surprisingly, it only takes just five days to produce each copy of this custom version of the Corvette that revives the legendary Stingray styling using a modern C6 Corvette platform. The result is simply stunning, although there isn’t any modifications to the engine as of yet. Right now, only a coupe version is offered, but a convertible version is on the drawing board and might be offered at some point.

Hey, if this custom car is good enough for Jay Leno, then it should be good enough for you.

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