Proof Positive That Going To College Isn’t Always A Wise Career Move: Wil Wheaton Net Worth Just $2.5 Million

Actor Wil Wheaton made another comic appearance on THE BIG BANG THEORY last night. However, that’s a far cry from his steady employment back in the days of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, which he eventually interrupted to attend college. Today his net worth is just $2.5 million. More proof that college isn’t everything if you have a good thing going. But, Wheaton continues to write and manages steady appearances in films and TV though. But, so far that big break since STAR TREK is yet to come.

I suppose $2.5 million isn’t exactly being poor. But, in celebrity terms it sort of sucks big time compared to the bigger fish in the pond.

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  • Fendell

    This is a really stupid post. The guy has 2.5 million dollars and that is somehow bad…come on.

  • Stupid

    Who wrote this article? Downgrade the importance of a College education over money. Ignorance is bliss for some.