No Bump And Grind At Cleveland High

Uptight old codger teachers and administrators at Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon decided to cancel the Winter formal dance because they were tired of students doing that modern bump and grind dancing that’s so popular these days. I know this sure sounds like a flashback to that old FOOTLOOSE movie, but it’s absolutely true. Hey old fogeys, don’t you realize that the Hip Hop culture music has pretty much replaced the old Paul Revere & The Raiders music that you danced to as kids. And this has brought in some new dance moves. So lighten up, eh?

In case you don’t know what the “Bump & Grind” looks like, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are more than happy to demonstrate it here(It pays to learn from the pros). Oh sure it looks an awful much like your typical run of the mill Saturday night teenage dry humping, but heck the kids are enjoying themselves, so lighten up Cleveland High straights. You don’t have to act like some big time sphincters here. A little dirty dancing never hurt anyone, and maybe even helped a few dry cleaners gain some meaningful extra employment.

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