Roberta Mancino: Hottest Sports Woman (Photos)

Roberta Mancino is an Italian model and an extreme sports athlete. Men’s Fitness has put her at the top of their list of the world’s hottest sports babes. You’ll see why when you see her photos and video below.

Roberta Mancino

Roberta Mancino is not your ordinary fashion model. When she’s not modeling, she’s skydiving. Sometimes she’s skydiving and modeling at the same time. She’s done a couple of mile-high photo shoots … in the nude.

In addition, she is a skydiving instructor. How would you guys like her to hold onto as you’re jumping out of a plane? If you are insane enough to make that jump, you might as well do it with a smile on your face.

In addition to being the Sexiest Female Athlete, she’s an Italian National Freestyle Champion and the Free Fly record holder. She has done about 5,500 launches since she started skydiving in October 2001.

More photos and a video of the Roberta Mancino are below. You can read her interview at Men’s Fitness here.

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