Eva Longoria Ham Dress at MTV European Music Awards (Photo)

Eva Longoria hammed it up at the MTV European Music Awards. She was in Madrid, Spain presenting for the awards in a ham dress. Check out this photo and her rap video below.

Eva Longoria

Rumor has it that Lady Gaga is unimpressed with Eva Longoria tribute to her at the MTV European Music Awards this past weekend. In an Ode to Lady Gaga’s infamous Steak Dress she wore a ham dress on stage saying, ‘Lady Gaga couldn’t be here tonight but she left this dress backstage. Who knew Spanish ham was one of my colors?’

Lady Gaga is said to have not found it funny and said that Eva Longoria should get her own gimmicks.

Someone needs to get a sense of humor (especially if that someone is going to kill a bunch of cows just so she can wear raw steak all over her body – well, parts of her body) and not get her thong in a knot over a little satire.

Besides, Eva Longoria is funny. Love the Eva Longoria ham dress! Spanish ham IS one of her colors and her rap video below is hilarious.

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