Never has there been such a difference of opinion on a film as this one. Critics hated it, but audiences generally loved it. Even on Rotten Tomatoes, only 9% of critics liked this film compared to 61% of audiences. That’s a pretty wide divide. Generally, I side with audiences here. GROWNUPS isn’t that bad of a film, and has more than a few good moments. With an all-star cast that includes Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James and Rob Schneider, this film has more than enough good actors to manage plenty of good laughs.

While not an outrageous side-splitter, if not a little sedated, GROWNUPS does manage to offer enough of a premise to hang a few good jokes on. And that’s good enough. Any film involving Rob Schneider isn’t rocket science. But, hey I like the guy regardless. He’s a great sport and a decent guy who continues to try hard to make people laugh.

Such a good cast has made a good enough date movie here. And the laughs are reasonably family friendly enough for the most part. Not a great film by any means, but hardly a bad one. It gets the job done. It entertains. Fresh out just Tuesday at your favorite DVD spot.

The Bottom Line: Acceptable enough as a pleasant little comedy. ++(Two and a half stars, or better than fair. Recommended).

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