Dildos To Go at Alabama Sex Toy Store

Sherri Williams, who grabbed national headlines when she sued the state of Alabama for banning sale of adult toys, celebrates grand opening of her newest concept in drive-thru shopping; sex toys to go…

“It’s a new level of privacy, and it feels good to give something back to the community,” Pleasure’s owner Sherri Williams said of her newest adult store location that offers drive-thru convenience.

For 10 years she’s fought the state to keep politicians out of the bedroom and vibrators in the hands of her customers. Her battle cry, “I’ll stop selling vibrators when they pry them from my cold, dead hand,” was featured in a highly-publicized ’20/20′ segment with John Stossel. The investigative news story followed Williams’ and the ACLU’s battle to overturn Alabama’s ban on adult toys.

Now, with almost 20 years as proprietor of the infamous adult store Pleasures, Williams has found a new approach to stimulating sales.

Located at Huntsville’s busiest intersection, the former bank building and its three-lane drive-thru window will offer up a different kind of menu. Faster shopping from the privacy of your car is always the Special of the Day, and free condom distribution is Pleasures’ featured public service. The four-foot-tall lighted menu offers a variety of toys, lubes, and stimulants, most costing less than $20. All items are placed discreetly in a small paper bag and delivered through the teller drawer. 

The new Pleasures adult store will be the country’s first to sell adult toys through a private, drive-thru window. The new location will also feature the Intimacy Clinic, offering weekly seminars and workshops, complimentary condoms, and marriage counseling. The store’s sexual health library will promote book signings. There’s also an outdoor lounge for wine, beer, and smokers, and an indoor lounge featuring ToyBox Parties for giggling groups of women and private functions.

Pleasures will celebrate its grand opening on Sat., Nov. 13.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Sadly, freedom of speech and expression are still under assault with a number of obscenity cases from both the federal and state governments still being pursued. Federal prosecutors are great at targeting an adult oriented business for destruction by shopping for a conservative community to prosecute them when they ship merchandise over state lines. These businesses may operate legally in most cities and states, but once they may one mistake by shipping into a conservative locality, then they face federal racketeering laws with 20 year prison sentences and forfeiture of their entire business, bank accounts and other proceeds just like some drug dealer would. Some publications from Larry Flynt for example, cannot be shipped into Utah and a few other locations, but are legal everywhere else in the U.S.

    Probably, rubber sex toys still violate federal laws from the old Anthony Comstock days, but prosecutions of these are rare these days compared to the more frequent federal prosecution of adult films in conservative communities thanks to the controversial 1973 Supreme Court decision allowing local communities to set their own “community standards” for acceptable legal speech, creating a patchwork of laws that vary from state to state, city to city. Strangely, some obscene work only violates federal laws if it is found to be legally obscene in a local community, otherwise it is considered to be constitutionally protected speech.

  • Anonymous

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