Proof Positive That Some Folks Are Paid Too Much: Boy George’s Net Worth Estimated At $30 Million

You might have thought that Culture Club was just another really forgettable crap 80’s act. But, hey think again fellow. Boy George has an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars, apparently spinning crap into gold, I guess.

(Hey, some of that money no doubt went to lawyers to pay for a defense for his various arrests over the years, the most serious of which kept the Boy in an UK prison for four months in 2009.)
Regardless, I still think that the #1 single, “Karma Chameleon” only makes me want to a comedian instead.

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  • Laurah111

    i wish i had that much money….hey georgie,can i borrow 50 bucks? laura hudson usa

  • Gregory

    Boy George is a hard-working, multi-talented artist who’s not been without his share of problems. You’re an ass.

  • Corey

    Boy George is one of the most interesting, under appreciated talents in the world. He’s worth every penny!

  • Andreahann

    Boy George is a talented gifted songwriter and singer who brings happiness to many people around the world including me, he is also a very nice man, i have loved him from the start and always will.

  • Mahi Tuna

    if it so easy go make your own 30 million asshat. What are you doing? trying to blog your way to riches? Boy George has you beat on that as well, he wrote 2 bestsellers, what about you? any major bestsellers in the works? Your post reeks of jealousy