Conan O’Brien Returns To TV Monday

Conan O’Brien’s new show debuts Monday night on TBS. Critics will no doubt be watching carefully to see how well he does. Will Conan get his sidetracked career back on track or not? When Conan O’Brien felt pressure at NBC due to terrible TONIGHT SHOW ratings, he simply quit the network in a very public battle in which he felt that he was never given a fair chance to build an audience. However, he held on to very few of the old viewer strength of Jay Leno’s TONIGHT SHOW, so NBC wanted Leno back at 11:35 and wanted to push Conan off to after midnight, resulting in massive bad publicity for Conan, Leno and NBC.

Conan O’Brien did manage to get enough money from NBC to share some with many former members of his show, and many will be held intact for the new TBS show. However, bandleader Max Weinberg won’t be back. He’s moving on to other opportunities, which is a real shame because he’s a natural deadpan comic.

Monday will be a big test for Conan. Will he pass or flunk out big time?

Only time will tell….

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  • Dane

    I doubt he will put up much competition in ratings. Who even knows where TBS is on their cable channel lineup?

  • Jamiehen

    Paul Hooson couldn’t possibly be an actual journalist so many facts are wrong in this piece that I doubt the author researched a single fact, but instead relied on his personal impression of the late-night debacle that caused the collapse of Leno’s career and reputation and catapaulted O’Brien to television immortality and cult-hero status.

    The only burning question on the eve of the debut of “Conan,” is whether he will present a show that his throngs of fiercely-loyal fans will want to watch in enough numbers to give him substantial ratings– Or the more interesting question: whether Conan’s catharsis will finally bring the ratings game into the 21st century and force all interested parties to begin to count internet viewers as actual viewers.

    I think that what’s happened with O’Brien has the potential to revolutionize not only the ratings game, but what late-night talk shows have the potential to be. If he does it right, Conan could just find himself leading traditional television into its next major era: multi-media formats for middle America.

    No matter how it turns out, one thing is certain: it will be interesting to watch it unfold.