NBC once had high hopes for the spy drama UNDERCOVERS, but audiences didn’t show up in high enough numbers. Now, the final three episodes will air in the coming weeks as NBC looks to find a replacement show. But, the cancellation brings about fresh questions about NBC’s efforts to make the network more racially diverse.

NBC was certainly looking to have more racial diversity at the network, with more programming to appeal to larger demographic groups, so the program’s low ratings were a real disappointment there as well. The lead actors were African American in this drama. NBC also had to cancel OUTLAW, which featured some top notch Hispanic community actors such as Jimmy Smits. Now, the question remains what will NBC do to continue to bring more racial diversity to their network with the cancellation of two important shows?

NBC’s efforts to widen their audiences seems to have hit a ratings roadbump.

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  • Jaiee6

    undercovers fans tell NBC how you feel by helping sign the petition http://www.petitiononline.com/Undr9078/petition.html spread the word

  • Rodney

    How about showing good programs and not worry about race.

  • Grace

    They lost me in the first minutes of the first episode when they decided to interject a left wing, snarky comment. Have always loved Jimmy Smits, hate being bludgeoned by left wing ideology dialog. In fact I hate being bludgeoned by right wing ideology dialog almost as much. Keep politics out of my evening entertainment.

  • BludcrimsoN

    LOL. I knew this would happen. Its a show..about black spies. LOL As if blacks have style, class and money to do that. What a joke.

    • princy

      I strongly believe you are the one who is just pathetic with no class, or style!!