Art In Motion’s 2008 Sturgis Award Winning Trike For Sale On Ebay

For $69,999 or much better, some lucky soul will win this awesome 2008 Sturgis award wining trike on Ebay. It’s an awesome machine built by Art In Motion that’s loaded with chrome and even has a few cute styling cues such as tassels from this little trikes as well. With a built 95hp Harley V-Twin engine with a custom cam and other power add-ons mated to a Utima 5 speed transmission, this trike has some real balls as well.

The front forks were designed by V Twin Manufacturing and the frame built by Top Kapp of Rolling Thunder Manufacturing.

Incidentally, the U.S. is one of few countries in the world that allows custom built bikes to be used on the streets and not just as show pieces. However, some states are interested in vehicle inspections of customs to make subjective safety evaluations, putting some new pressures on those who love custom bikes. New laws constantly put more pressure on motorcyclists to comply with tighter restrictions. Equally, hot rodding is under some new pressures as well from evolving new regulations as well.

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