Christina Ricci Dresses Hollywood Glamour Style (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Christina Ricci proved her style merit when she stepped out in not one but two darling ensembles in one night.

Christina Ricci Glamour Sheath Dress

First a sophisticated graphic print strapless for the 14th annual ACE awards to accept her Style Evolution Award. She must have had her stylist standing by, because later that night she showed up in a pink tinted tutu ensemble with cut away tuxedo jacket at the 2020 Library Lions Benefit at the New York Public Library.

Now here is the deal with Christina. She is uber tiny. And super petite women can have a rough time with pulling off a look. First because their clothing tends to ‘wear them’, and second they usually lack the height to really be able to get into anything with much style. And they almost always go safe. Not Christina!

The knee length strapless she donned was darling on her and a perfect fit.  She was the epitome of Hollywood glamour and elegance. The temptation would have been to over accessorize here too, but fortunately she held back. She didn’t need anything more than the red lips and the dangly earrings.

Christina Ricci Tutu Dress Style

Christina proved she can hit it out of the park with elegant ease cuz she did it twice in one night. And believe me, a tutu is hard to pull off. The one she chose is cute without being too sweet and topped with that femme tuxedo jacket she had the perfect touch of tailored lines to balance the tutu. Her hair and accessories were perfect for both too!

She is the human Blythe doll. (If you don’t know who Blythe is it is time you did. Google it or better yet check it out in the video below).

Thanks Christina for schooling us with your style savvy!

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