Bristol Palin Dancing Sexy Style on DWTS week 7 (Video)


The buzz with Bristol is, can she still be sexy and cute without letting it all hang out.

Before I go any further I would like to give the costume department for Dancing With the Stars a HUGE thumbs up. They always design costumes that are perfectly suited for each celebrity’s personality. The costumes are always flattering and entertaining. This is a marriage of good costuming sense, knowing what looks great on camera, and major talent. And they do this week after week with a super stressy time budget. This is the work of the awesomely talented, super driven and downright amazing. Either that or they have a room full of pixies whipping up all those threads … While we are at it, the hair and make-up department kills it every week too. They rule.

Ok, back to Bristol. What makes her such a great pick for the show is the fact that she is not a plumped up, jaded Hollywood teen. She genuinely seems like a nice, sweet gal. The designers know that if they put her in anything that is ‘too sexy’ for her that she will be uncomfortable and most likely the discomfort will hinder her dancing. So despite the fact that she has a top-notch costume department on her side, I think she is struggling. The trouble is not with her dancing potential, but with her being able to cultivate that potential because of the barrier she seems to be having with her inhibitions.

I am in agreement with all the judges; I am DYING to see Bristol really bust out, and not in the sexy cleavage sense. I want to see her throw a little caution to the wind and get out of her head and into her bod. Embrace the dance. America is in her corner, and dying to see that side of her.

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