Sienna Miller: Flawless Underwear at UNESCO Charity Gala Fashion Choice

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is my fashion guru and I totally appreciate anyone who will step up and take a fashion risk. I wouldn’t exactly call her gown choice for the UNESCO Charity Gala in Dusseldorf Germany a huge risk. I wanted to like it, and I do. You can tell the fabric is absolutely gorgeous, and that color looks nice on her and blah blah blah. BUT that is what her dress is. Blah.

Oh, god and then there is the bun. When you go for simple and tasteful and you hit the nail on the head, the heavens will open and the angels weep. Sienna’s look just left me feeling a whole lot of … meh.

To sum up. Gorgeous girl, gown with weird, unflattering front panel cut, and age inappropriate hair. *sigh* At least her underwear looks flawless.

Sienna Miller

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  • bryanD

    That dress! This new page design! My eyes! Aaaaiiiieee!