Cd Review: Marc Bolan: TWOPENNY PRINCE(2010 Easy Action, UK)

Years after the tragic September 1977 car crash that took the life of British rock superstar Marc Bolan, millions of loyal fans continue to demand new releases from unreleased rarities the artist recorded. The brand new double cd, TWOPENNY PRINCE, is such a fine example. While every song has witnessed normal studio releases, this album compiles a great collection of live and outtake material culled from around the era of the release of T.REX(1970), the band’s first real transition into an electric act. Prior to T.REX, Marc Bolan’s music was largely an interesting mix of hippie acoustic psychedelic era material with an unusual emphasis on Greek mythology. The turning point of T.REX(1970) was controversial with some fans. And, some like John Peel of the BBC even parted company as a friend of Marc Bolan after the release of the big hit “Get It On”, which was retitled as “Bang A Gong” in the U.S.

But, besides the tunes written for T.REX(1970), TWOPENNY PRINCE does capture some great live classics from ELECTRIC WARRIOR and THE SLIDER as well. Overall, many of these live performances sound so much better than some of the other live releases of the band where the band wasn’t always at their very best. For some reason, the live releases of the band have often been disappointing compared to captures in the studio.

Just in time for Christmas season, TWOPENNY PRINCE makes a very fine present for any true fan of the Marc Bolan. It’s a terrific little package issued by Easy Action in England. Easy Action has issued so many great T.Rex and Marc Bolan items in recent years, and this is one great package. A great collection of rare and collectible versions of Marc Bolan’s great songs.

The Bottom Line: A great item as usual from Easy Action. After so many disappointing new releases issued by other older artists on other labels, here comes a great collection of rarities from a great performer at the peak of his popularity, whose life was cut tragically short only days before he would turn 30. +++(Three stars, or very good. Well worthwhile for any true fan of the works of Marc Bolan and certainly far superior to some of those home demo recordings of a few years back that really disappointed).

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  • Fed Up

    Delivery for Chritmas 2012?

  • Paul Hooson

    Cd is out now. And it’s a good one, Fed Up.

  • Les Clark

    been out for ages