Wynonna Judd’s Weight Loss: Country Music Star Lost 55 Pounds (Photo)

Have you noticed Wynonna Judd’s weight loss? The country music lost 55 pounds and dropped five dress sizes in just seven months using something called brain state conditioning. Check out this before and after photo!

Wynonna Judd Weight Loss

Wynonna Judd, 46, says her whole life has changed since she dropped 55-pounds and five dress sizes in just 7 months. She says she feels more alive. For one thing, she pole danced in Vegas with some friends for the first time.

The whole weight loss thing started with two serious health scares over the past year. In March, doctors found blood clots in her lungs. Apparently that was due to complications from surgery she had to repair her stomach muscles. Then in July she was involved in a head-on collision in Salt Lake City. She says those two experiences left her ‘more determined than ever to commit to a healthier lifestyle.’

She started by having a ‘pantry make-over’. We know what that means. All the junk is out, healthy stuff is in. She is also taking daily walks on her property in Leipers Fork, Tennessee.

Getting healthier also involved brain state conditioning. That is treatment to learn healthier ways of dealing with stress, loneliness, depression or whatever else ails you than eating comfort food. She says she has used food to ‘soothe and reward’ in the past and doesn’t do that anymore.

In addition to being able to walk around on the hills in her property and pole dancing, Wynonna Judd’s weight loss has made it possible for her to get a new wardrobe, including some sexy lingerie. Now THAT always makes a woman feel good.

It has to be hard to be overweight an in the public eye all the time. Especially when your mother and sister are drop-dead gorgeous and tiny. But then, Wynonna Judd (her real name is Christina Claire Ciminella) has the big talent, so I guess it all levels out. Now, in addition to the talent, she’s dropped 5 dress sizes and lost 55-pounds. Brain state conditioning, huh?

Check out her video ‘Hunk of Burning Love’ below.

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  • Twitterbug

    Whoever wrote this article needs to do some fact checking. Her real name IS Wynonna Judd. She had it legally changed when she was much younger. Secondly, her weightloss did not occur in 7 months. Thirdly, she had lost most of the weight before the head on collision this summer. The two near death experiences simply made her more committed to living a healthier lifestyle.