Halloween Costumes That Look Really Crappy In The Rain

Hey kids, weather forcasts call for rain for Halloween in many parts of the country, so don’t get caught looking big time stupid with these common wet costume mistakes:

The Wet Laundry Ghost: Using an old white bed sheet looks cool as a ghost….on dry days. But, on a wet Halloween evening it just looks like the laundry going for walk. While you’re at it, be sure to add the clothes line and pins if you want to go with this look.

Even worse than this is to use a lovely floral pattern sheet as a ghost costume if your parents don’t have a white sheet. Ghosts aren’t very scary with lovely rose floral patterns on their sheets, you know.

The Wet Superhero: Superman looks pretty darn cool as the man of steel able to stop speeding bullets and locomotives. But, a Superman who’s wearing a rain slicker looks like a big time sissyass. Who ever knew the Gorton’s Fisherman was a superhero?

The Wet Witch: Witch costumes can look cool. But what sort of powers does a witch lack that can’t stop the rain. And, all the long hair looks bad wet. But, the big hats make a fairly effective gutter downspout system though.

The Wet Fairy: Oh, the wings of a fairy look so lovely. But, not hanging down and dragging like some wet towels from the back of a fairy.

The Wet Makeup Monster: Kids will look might stupid acting like some monster when they knock on doors when all of their washable makeup came off blocks ago in the rain.

You get the idea. You need to plan ahead for the rain. Better go as SEA HUNT’s Mike Nelson or THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON just to be safe.

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