Diora Baird Does FHM UK November 2010 (Photos)

Actress and former model Diora Baird did a photo shoot for FHM UK for their November 2010 issue. Here are the photos.

Diora Baird

According to Diora Baird, she’s learned her lesson about putting her images on twitter. She says when she does they end up all over the place. Well, duh. But the 27-year-old does tweet. Commenting on the weather, ‘Its hotter than Brad Pitt’s anus’. She compared brushing your teeth while having hiccups to what she would imagine having a threesome would be like. Just too much going on and too much to handle. And so forth … she says they are just random thoughts she has that she posts on twitter.

Anyway. Whatever her random thoughts may be, here are the photos for the FHM UK November 2010 issue. Enjoy.

Diora Baird

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  • plain jane

    Just another broad that thinks she has something to show that the world has never seen before. And as with all the rest of the wannabe ho’s, empty headed, too.