CBS Takes First Steps Towards Canceling MEDIUM

CBS has cut short the orders for new episodes of MEDIUM which probably means the show is being readied for upcoming cancellation. NUMB3RS faced the same situation last year with order cutbacks and eventual cancellation. CBS has ordered just 13 episodes of the show it once acquired from NBC after that network cut the series.

When CBS acquired MEDIUM, it was like buying a used car. The series had likely run most of it’s useful life and there wasn’t much more than a downward ratings spiral left for the series. Paired with the now canceled GHOST WHISPERER, MEDIUM drew acceptable ratings as far as Friday night goes.

Probably, CBS has seen the handwriting on the wall for this series, realizing that it really doesn’t fit in their schedule all that much right now. Friday night has been successfully revamped by CBS with CSI:NY and the new show BLUE BLOODS drawing good numbers. MEDIUM seems like a weak lead-in at 8:00 by comparison. Look for CBS to shore up this weakness looking for a stronger entry.

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  • esp person

    how sad….esp

  • Eydiesanders2002

    i am angry. filthy shows like two and a half men get good ratings because america is composed of idiots with frat boy mentalities, while a good family values show like medium gets the ax. there are not many decent people left.