The Raw Brute Horsepower Of Predator Carburetors

Although they have existed since the 1980’s, Predator carburetors continue to find an audience of high performance fans, with many followers among monster trucks and circle track racing builders. However, on street rods with blowers or big blocks, these can be a real killer item to install.
With a unique square design, the Predator is revolutionary in many ways with a unique fuel metering cam system, and a variable venturi design that runs off the air demand of the engine. This makes this unique high performance carb excellent to use on tunnel rams, blowers or other extreme high performance engines.

predator carburetor.jpg

The design of the Predator is actually very simple inside with no gaskets or power valves to blow out, which ideally makes this carb nearly maintenance free. However, expect the design to swallow lots of fuel, which seems to be a trade-off for the increased power this design provides.


Interestingly, some guys with street cars claim a little difficulty in dialing in this carb for everyday street use compared to many higher performance applications in monster trucks and circle track use where the carb provides killer performance. But, possibly the street use guys are running the carb on too small of engines, where this carb loves the big blocks with high demands to produce tons of raw horsepower.

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