The Doors Offer Up A Fresh New Live Cd November 22

Each year around the Christmas season you can count like clockwork on The Doors releasing a great new Cd as a treat for their fans. This year look for LIVE IN VANCOUVER 1970 to be released November 22. The new 2 disc Cd features a unreleased concert with a number of fan favorites including “Light My Fire”, “Back Door Man”, “When The Music’s Over”, “The End” as well as less famous live Doors’ songs such as “Money”, “Petition The Lord With Prayer” which is part of “The Soft Parade” and more. Jim has some great classic talks with the audience as well.

Although the show was recorded by The Doors tour manager, Vince Treanor, with just a Sony reel to reel and two microphones, the sound quality is reportedly quite good and not like some awful bootleg. Most normal albums were recorded with multi-track recorders. But, thankfully because this performance was recorded, it can now be enjoyed 40 years later.

Jim Morrison was in real high gear that evening as Ray Manzarek recalls, calling it “a real funky evening”. Expect some classic Jim Morrison singing and stage antics banter here. Jim Morrison kicked off the show with a cigar being lit by blues legend Albert King.

The concert was recorded June 6, 1970, at the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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