FOX News Gives Embattled Juan Williams A New $2 Million Dollar Contract

Juan Williams, the moderate news commentator, has received a new $2 million dollar contract with FOX News after he was unceremoniously fired this week from NPR after he made a remark about Muslims that NPR officials found controversial. For the embattled, but popular journalist, the news of the new contract had to be good news.

Despite his liberal to moderate views on many political topics, Juan Williams has found himself heavily defended by many political conservatives over the last few days who personally like him despite any political differences they have with him. One Republican Senator is even proposing to strip NPR of any public funds in response to the firing of Juan Williams. Williams has also received support from many liberals who are opposed to the form of political speech censorship that NPR seems to be practicing.

While the comment Williams made regarding Muslims was certainly controversial, it was at least an honest comment. And that’s what many like so much about Juan Williams, he’s very honest and truthful and has the highest of journalistic integrity.

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  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

    How much Neocon Mileage can FOX get out of Uncle Juan?