Ice Bear’s Cool 4 Wheeled Xracer Motorcycle

Leave up to inventive Chinese motorcycle company Ice Bear to create something really wild and different. But, U.S. DOT rules and state motorcycle regulations will probably keep the four wheeled version of this great motorcycle design from most U.S. sales. Ice Bear also has a three wheeled version to conform with various U.S. and state regulations.
Although the inventive Xracer model looks difficult to ride, it actually features a fully automatic transmission, making it much easier to handle, as well as adding a more streamlined appearance with the absence of extra add-ons for the clutch and shifter controls.


Although this motorcycle only features a 150cc engine, the awesome four wheeled appearance makes this bike a really cool bit of new bike technology. And it’s many thousands of dollars cheaper than some of those mega-expensive European four wheeled superbikes such as that awesome Swiss-built BMW engined machine.

xracer three.jpg

Once again, Ice Bear proves that you can be cool on a budget.
Update: One of Wizbang Pop’s alert readers notified us that the Xracer is indeed a lower priced near copy of the mega-rare, mega-expensive hand-build Dodge Tomahawk, a 300mph V-10 engined monster bike machine with a price tag of $555,000 per copy. So far, only 9 exist. Note the close appearance of the two bikes.

dodge tomahawk.bmp

While the Tomahawk has a clear performance advantage, the much lower priced Xracer does leave the buyer with some change left in their pocket.

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  • cirby

    “New bike technology, if by “new,” you mean “a wimpy clone of this…”

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Cirby. Of course the Chinese are masters at making low priced knockoffs of high priced products. With a $555,000 price tag the Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle is far out of reach for most buyers. However, for probably around $3,000 or so, the Ice Bear Xracer captures much of the same new technology look. And for a lot less than $555,000 nothing stops the buyer from adding a new powerplant to power the bike. Custom built bikes are probably more common than cars.

  • Very cool.