The Duh? Files: The Worst Political Ad Ever Aired Backfires

The whole idea of advertising, whether it’s for a product or for a political candidate should be to present a positive view so that the public buys the product. So, why for the love of God open an ad with the very first words with something really bizarre like “I’m not a witch”? A candidate for the U.S. Senate in Delaware is beginning to deeply regret running this foolish ad that she hoped would defuse a lingering problem opened up due an old tape run on Bill Maher’s cable comedy political program. Instead, the “Witch Ad” itself has become a issue, and even joked about by the late night comics among others. Even veteran political insiders such as Karl Rove are deeply unhappy at this poorly managed campaign.
You know advertising is bad when the very first statement conjures up the wholesome image of the WIZARD OF OZ witch, don’t you? But, neither the senate candidate, nor her campaign seemed to be intelligent enough to recognize this simple fact. And this is just the sort of person you want to manage Washington, isn’t it?

What’s ever happened to the good old days when you put the best foot forward in advertising? Apparently, it’s been replaced with candidates running negative ads……against themselves.

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