Franklin Meyer: Angelina Jolie Drug Dealer? (Video)

A guy named Franklin Meyer claims he was Angelina Jolie’s drug dealer back when. He just did an interview in which he claims that Jolie was on drugs during an interview with Charlie Rose in 2000. A video from that interview is below.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

So does it matter to you whether Angelia Jolie was on drugs 10-years ago and why is Franklin Meyer making news by talking about selling her cocaine and heroine in 2000? Meyer just did an interview with Life&Style magazine and dished the dirt on Jolie about her drug-using past. He says he was her drug dealer back in 2000 when she was living in Ansonia, New York City.

Meyer says he loaded Angelina up with cocaine before she went on The Charlie Rose Show to promote her ‘Girl Interrupted’ movie and talk about her movie ‘Gia’. You can watch the video of that interview below and judge for yourself.

The thing is – does anybody care? She’s never made any secret of her past. It looks like Franklin Meyer is trying to get 15-minutes of fame for being Angelina Jolie’s former drug dealer.

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