Tom Bosley Dead At 83

Tom Bosley, the personable actor who played the father of Richie Cunningham in HAPPY DAYS is dead at the age of 83 from heart failure. He was also reportedly battling lung cancer as well. Although, Bosley was well known for early acting roles playing Catholic priests, he was actually Jewish. But, his biggest role was that on HAPPY DAYS, the long running smash TV series about the 1950’s where Ron Howard seemed to capture that perfect 1950’s HOWDY DOODY look.
After HAPPY DAYS, Bosley became associated with advertising for Sonic drive-ins, D-Con, Glad Trash bags and SMC merchandising. However, SMC made Bosley a little bit controversial because the company charges as much as $299 to start an import business, whereas most normal wholesalers are free to buy from for businesses. For a wholesaler to charge money is highly unusual, although some larger SMC sellers can make good money if they have a store or other larger established business to operate from.

Tom Bosley will always be remembered as a very likable actor. He was a WWII Navy veteran.

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