Outrageous Halloween Movies: DEAD SNOW

Hey kids, if you really want to spook up a Halloween party but good, then you need to add the outrageous DVD horror film from Norway, DEAD SNOW to the mix. Although, film critics loved this gory and bizarre film somewhat more than some audiences actually did , this connoisseur grade horror movie is real quirky and strange fun. Even legendary film critic Roger Ebert paid tribute to this film as being right in the funny MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 genre.
A group of college students on Easter break in Norway spend what is supposed to be a fun weekend, but instead find themselves prey for a brigade of Nazi zombies. An outrageous plot you say. Absolutely. This show is meant to be way over the top and funny. It’s a gory film fest of the bizarre. The soft white snow of Norway makes for a perfect canvas for the absurd blood spatter dark comedy of this great film. You’ll howl with laughter at this outrageous film.


While certainly far different than any George Romero style of zombie film, DEAD SNOW, manages a unique foreign take on the zombie film, creating it’s own new and outrageous take on the proud tradition of great zombie films. It’s a goody for sure. A must see for any true zombie film fan.


The Bottom Line: Once you get past the distraction of English subtitles, this great film is full of plenty of ghoulish laughs and gory fun. A great creepy Halloween party type film for sure. Amaze and delight your guests. +++(Three stars, and real good for sure. You more than have my seal of approval for this film).

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