Juliette Lewis Continues Accident Recovery, Promotes New Film

Reportedly, actress Juliette Lewis continues to recover after the car that she was being driven in was T-boned in an Oct 7, hit and run accident. The actress was briefly hospitalized with scratches and bruises when a Honda slammed into the car she was riding in. Reportedly, days after the accident the actress was still feeling “sore” from the injuries. But fortunately, she was leaning at the time doing some Emails from the car’s passenger seat when the Honda slammed her car with a hard impact. This greatly limited her injuries.
Juliette Lewis is currently doing promotion work for the film , CONVICTION. She took a long leave from doing films to do rock and roll music as a performer. CONVICTION is getting rave critical reviews from many movie experts and might be considered to be one of her greatest films. She’s a fantastic film actress, able to play some pretty edgy and intense roles.

At age 37, Juliette is still the major babe.

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