DVD Review: The Three Stooges: SPOOK LOUDER

Just in time for Halloween, Columbia Pictures home DVD video is redistributing SPOOK LOUDER, a collection of six outrageous Three Stooges shorts from the 1940’s for a low price of $5.99 at many retailers. While some of the shorts involve some spooky stuff at creepy homes, other shorts have less of a creepy tone. But all six are truly funny classic Stooges stuff.
Included are “Spook Louder” 1943, which involves the tale of the boys as traveling salesmen falling into some scary and frightening times when they guard a spooky home and spies dressed as monsters try to steal some secret weapon. This was a great wartime funny episode, and maybe one of their best in many ways. Curly was the third man in this episode.
“Mummy’s Dummies” from 1948 has less of a spooky feel, but is a hilarious sight gag adventure with the boys as dishonest used chariot dealers who try their best not to get execution orders from the king after ripping off the chief of the palace guard. Shemp stars in this one.
“Shivering Sherlocks” from 1947 is another creepy adventure in a house, where the boys run for their lives from the crazed hatchet wielding man, Angel. It’s a pretty funny romp, and well enjoyable. Shemp stars in this classic.
Also included are “The Ghost Talks” from 1949, “Hokus Pokus” from 1949, and Shemp’s first short as the third stooge in “Fright Night” from 1947. After Curly suffered from a serious stroke, he only made one guest appearance in a stooges short as a snoozing man on a train, where Moe Howard’s brother, Shemp replaced him during the 1940’s Stooge’s short films. If you like Shemp, then you’ll love this collection with Shemp in five of six episodes.
Unlike a few of the Stooges DVDs, this collection is only available in Black & White and does not offer the colorization option. However, this Black & White seems to help add a spooky tone to these 1940’s short films. For just $5.99, I promise plenty of good clean laughs here. This is a family friendly DVD great for the kids as well. Makes for a great Halloween party film.


The Bottom Line: The Stooges can do no wrong. They are not unlike the Gods. ++++(Excellent, four star classic comedy. Buy this DVD!)

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