Outrageous Party Photos Haunt Congressional Candidate

Having the name Krystal Ball seems like enough of a handicap in itself. The name sure sounds like a porn star or stripper. But, much worse yet are some outrageous photos taken 6 years ago of the Virginia Democratic candidate for Congress doing a few crazy things for a camera after college graduation. Now, that these photos have surfaced on the Internet, the 29 year old candidate feels betrayed and embarrassed. Leading a guy around on a dog leash or simulating sex with a reindeer probably isn’t too good for votes.


Probably, the candidate never really had that great of chance because of running in a solidly Republican district in a bad year for Democrats. And a lack of experience in politics is probably another big negative. But, in a goofy political year with wacky candidates opening ads by telling you that they’re “not a witch” and other screwball campaigns, photos of a candidate simulating oral sex on a reindeer dildo seems almost routine and normal.

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  • epador

    If I lived in Virginia, I might just vote for her. I’ll pass on her name to my stepdaughter, if living in Norfolk is in her district.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Doc. If she did that reindeer thing for me, I’d probably vote for her too!

  • I’m sure Bill Clinton is begging everyone he knows for her telephone number …

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello Michael. Indeed, both Billy and Krystal have a little something in common. On the other hand, this is one heck of an election this year, with the most wacky candidates in memory running for office. Kind of makes a guy real optimistic about the future, doesn’t it.

  • This is one heck of an election this year, with most eccentric candidates for election memory.