Dog The Bounty Hunter Hospitalized After Bounty Hunt Goes Bad

Call it an “occupational hazard”, but Dog The Bounty Hunter has been hospitalized for an apparent blood clot condition injury following a bounty hunt that went bad. Dog’s wife reported that he will “4sure survive” and also called the injury an “occupational hazard” as well.
Duane “Dog” Chapman actually got his nickname because of his relationship with God. His mother was an Assembly Of God minister, and although a very religious man, young Dog was arrested 18 times for armed robbery. Previously, Dog was a member of the Devils Disciples Motorcycle Club, and also spent 5 years in prison in Texas because of a conviction for accessory to murder. Chapman also faced legal problems in recent years with an arrest by the Mexican government for his capture of notorious rapist, Andrew Luster, an heir to the Max Factor company fortune. Although Luster was convicted on 86 of 87 rape related charges in the U.S., the Mexican government chose to prosecute Dog because he didn’t turn Luster over to Mexican authorities.
29 Republican congressmen appealed to the Bush Administration’s Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice to seek justice from the Mexican government. Eventually, in a 2007 Mexican court case, a judge ruled that the statue of limitations had passed and the arrest had been improper, setting Dog and a co-defendant partner free.
It’s not immediately known just how serious the blood clot injury to Dog is. But he’s been a shining example of a former criminal who has turned his life around taking notorious rapists and other serious criminals off the streets. He’s won praise from many in law enforcement.

dog the bounty hunter.jpg

Dog, who looks much like a professional wrestler, is the star of a popular reality series on the A&E network. Ironically, the season premiere of the show is set for this upcoming Wednesday night on the network.

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