America’s Greatest Foods: Andersen’s Split Pea Soup

Right in the middle of the fine winery country of California comes one of the greatest American brands of split pea soup. The legendary brand from the famed Andersen’s Restaurant from the little California town of Buelton has to be considered one of America’s best foods. In 1924, Danish immigrant Anton Andersen began his dream of founding a small restaurant, but it was his awesome split pea soup recipe that eventually won over the hearts of the millions of visitors to Andersen’s Restaurant over the years. During WWII, the little restaurant was actually closed for several years as the U.S. Army needed the Andersen’s Restaurant and Hotel to house and feed their troops in transport. After the war, the restaurant reopened and eventually the demand for Andersen’s legendary split pea soup led to it being canned and sold in many better grocery stores across the U.S.
The little cafe was once named the “electric” cafe because the new electric stove purchased by the wife of Anton Anderson. She was so proud of it.
It was partly good luck that enough customers found out about the Andersen Electric Cafe in the early days to make into a legend, but it was the foresight of Anton Andersen to choose a location on the way of hungry tourists to the famous Hearst Castle. In the post-war years, the son of Anton, Robert “Pea Soup” Andersen helped to manage the restaurant into a huge success including the marketing of Anderson’s Split Pea soup. Over the years, Robert developed a close friendship with neighbor Ronald Reagan when he purchased a ranch near the Andersen’s Restaurant.


In the 86 year history of Andersen’s, the two cooks on the famous Andersen logo have split literally millions of peas for the famous soup. Outside of the Andersen Restaurant you can have your picture taken with a sign with face cutouts.


The beauty of Andersen’s Split Pea soup is a very thick yet ultra creamy texture. And it is fully seasoned with plenty of taste. It’s a perfect restaurant soup that you can enjoy in a can. All natural, no preservatives. It’s a great connoisseur soup. It’s one of America’s greatest foods.

andersen peasoup.jpg

The Bottom Line: A truly great quality American restaurant split pea soup. You’ll love it. ++++(Four Stars, for excellent taste, texture and seasoning).

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