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Legend Tony Curtis Dead At 85

Tony Curtis, one of the great leading man actors of all time has died at the age of 85. The actor died of cardiac arrest, in declined health since 2006 when he contracted pneumonia and nearly died, falling into a coma for several days. After this serious illness he could only walk very short distances and needed a wheelchair to endure longer outings. While never winning an Oscar, he has a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame and was considered to be one of Hollywood's great film legends.

Born Bernard Schwartz to a Hungarian Jewish immigrant family, Tony Curtis was known for his dashing good looks and was a very handsome man. He was a heart throb to so many young women, and was married six times. Curtis actually only spoke Hungarian until he was about six years old, but mastered the English language to become one of the greatest entertainment legends of all time. During WWII he served in the Navy.

Tony Curtis started his career with an uncredited role in 1949's CRISS CROSS, playing in perhaps a hundred major films. In 1968, Curtis starred in the very controversial BOSTON STRANGLER film, in which he played sexually deranged criminal Albert Desalvo. While critically praised, it forever changed the reputation of Curtis who could play dark characters as well as good guys.

Curtis also did some voice-over work as well in a number films because he was such a recognizable figure. In addition to acting, Curtis was an acclaimed painter as well. His painting works have an average value of $25,000 or more these days. Curtis considered this to be his second career.


With the death of Tony Curtis, Hollywood loses another great legendary actor. It is the close of another episode in film history. Our best wishes and prayers go out to his family for this great loss. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is his daughter, and is no doubt very sad about this tragic event and family loss.

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Comments (2)

Tony really was a legend. ... (Below threshold)
Kevin[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Tony really was a legend. He'll be missed.

Indeed you are so right, Ke... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Indeed you are so right, Kevin. Tony Curtis was one of the great Hollywood legends.

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