Mary Byrne: X-Factor Favorite Struggles With Boot Camp Dance (Photos)

X-Factor favorite really struggled with the boot camp dance that Simon Cowell is requiring of the contestants this season. However, Mary Byrne pushed through her arthritis pain and gave the judges a show, including a boob shimmy. Is that good enough to keep her in the competition? Read more and see photos and a video below.

Mary Byrne, X-Factor

Mary Byrne

Apparently, Simon Cowell decided that the contestants on his X-Factor needed to not only be able to sing, but to dance this season. So we have this years X-Factor favorite, Mary Byrne, attempting to go through boot camp dance lessons provided by a professional choreographer Brian Friedman.

She struggled.

Come on. The woman is over-weight, has arthritis and is 50-years-old. She seemed to waiver during the boot camp. But when it came to putting on the show, she was in there, swollen knees and all.

And she put on quite a show. During the free-style part of the dance, the Tesco check-out woman did a boob shimmy like none other.

She said she refused to be beaten by arthritis.

You go girl!

Seriously, when I heard her audition video I got chills. She has a fantastic voice. You can watch her audition video below.

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