New ‘Machete’ Clip ft. Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez

Here is a new ‘Machete’ clip featuring Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez. The photos of Jessica Alba are from a ‘Machete’ news conference in Beverly Hills on August 27, 2010.

Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba has this permanent frown on her face. Maybe its because she really can’t act. Check her out in just about any of her films? Did she convince you she was a dancer in ‘Honey’? Or a super-hero in the ‘Fantastic 4’ movies? Or an animal trainer in ‘Good Luck Chuck’?

Here she is in another unconvincing role, playing a law enforcement agent in ‘Machete’. In this video clip, she’s chatting it up with Michelle Rodriguez. Is it just me, or does she deliver all her lines in the same mono-tone? ‘Its the law’ and ‘Can I get my tacos?’ All the same. But maybe its just me.

Below are more pictures of Jessica Alba from the ‘Machete’ news conference in Beverly Hills over the weekend and the new ‘Machete’ video clip featuring Alba and Michelle Rodriguez.

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