Paris Hilton Robbery Attempt! Helicopter Videos Her in Towel

There was a Paris Hilton break-in this morning and a new chopper caught the heiress in a towel on her balcony. As with anything Paris Hilton, this is news. Read about it below, see photos and THE news video taken of the heiress on her balcony in a towel.

Paris Hilton

Okay, so Paris Hilton naked isn’t that big a deal. Who hasn’t seen that, after all? So Paris Hilton in a towel may not be that big a deal either. However, I do find it fascinating that she was able to grab a pair of sunglasses, even though she apparently didn’t have time to get some clothes on, to go out onto her balcony when someone attempted to break into her house this morning. I also find it fascinating that she has those mega-gaudy upholstered chairs as outdoor furniture. I guess its true that it never rains in Southern California.

A KTLA news chopper was hovering over her home after a man allegedly tried to break into her home in Sherman Oaks, California when Ms. Hilton stepped out onto her balcony wrapped in nothing but a towel. And sunglasses, of course.

Apparently, the man was wielding a knife and woke Paris up by banging on her windows. She saw him on her in-home surveillance cameras and called the police.

The man, said to be in his 40s, was arrested at Hilton’s home at about 6:30 a.m.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s terrified by an attempted home invasion? Twitter, of course. Well, first one must run out of the balcony semi-nude for the hovering helicopters. Then one must post about it on Twitter with pictures of the police arresting the culprit.

So Scary, just got woken up to a guy trying to break into my house holding 2 big knifes. Cops are here arresting him.

Hilton’s representative released the following statement:

Paris is naturally shaken by the events but is unharmed and well. She is very thankful to her security team and the police for their swift and diligent response.

An so ends the story of the Paris Hilton break-in. Or maybe not. There are possibilities of more publicity from this, I’m sure. Whatever the case, you can see the video of Hilton in her towel below.

Paris Hilton Break-in: News Chopper Catches Heiress in Towel -Video

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